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If you wanted to know something conventionally interesting about me, I would tell you that my name is Ben Seeley, and I’m 30 years old and live in Santa Barbara, California. Or, I could say that I won a couple of world championships in the board game of Othello, way back when. Or perhaps I would mention that I’m a huge night owl, and sometimes go for strolls on the beach at 3am.

But, if you wanted to know something about me that really mattered, I would tell you something I’ve never shared with anyone: that when I was 6, my mother made a cape for me. It looked nothing like a comic book hero’s cape. She made it just for me, like she knew I wanted to make my own world, not borrow one from a comic book.

And I would put it on, and I would wander our big back yard, and I would daydream for hours on end. Glorious daydreams, of the most fun and dazzling things I could think of.

My dreams nearly always had the same theme – that I had somehow invented something amazing and then I gave it away. Stuff like floating cities on top of black rubber heated by the sun, or vast dark pools of respite where you could swim from breathing tube to breathing tube.

Or, I would daydream of being able to explain something to people that they never knew before, so that they could understand life better.

Or, I dreamed of persuading people to do something really fantastic together, that never could have been done by any one person alone.

For some reason, I never dreamed about the stuff of fairy tales and movies- of rescuing the princess, or saving the world from a crisis situation. To sit around and wait for a crisis- what an unreliable and dangerous way to be a hero, I thought!

I admired anyone who can be that type of hero- my father was good at it- but I wanted to be able to consciously seize unlimited opportunities to do amazing and great things for people, so that life could get ever-bigger and more beautiful. Other people would protect the best of the old; I was interested in the best of the new.


Nothing ever changed about me, really. I still daydream more than anyone else I know, and my dreams are still of the same tenor they were when I was six. While those dreams have perhaps become more achievable, I still like it when they are as grand and fun as they were when my daydreams were built off of a diet of cartoons :).

So, this site starts off with a 24 year backlog of my deliberative and heroic daydreaming. Which of these dreams will be transmuted into reality? Only time will tell.

But I know I will never stop, because dreaming is fun :). And, my fondest hope is that sharing these dreams will also be fun, for both you and me, and that by sharing my dreams I may be invited to see your dreams, too.

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