Deconstructing Our Impossible Political System

Imagine you are someone who cares greatly about a political issue. Campaign finance reform, internet privacy, tax reform, reforming agricultural subsidies… it could be anything. (And if you don’t care about anything political,…

The Fact that Aliens Haven’t Contacted Us is Strong Evidence that the Universe is Filled with Highly Intelligent Life – And Star Trek Will Never Be a Reality (Sorry)

I don’t mean that title in the insulting way, as though highly intelligent life would never want to contact us foul and stupid humans, as some misanthropes make us out to be (by…

How to Create a Non-religious Church

In today’s lonely and socially-fragmented world, full of commercial messages but few messages of value and inclusion, there is a need for a new type of social institution which can grow strong communities….


How To Have an Incorruptible Democracy

I want people around the world to feel trust, pride, and ownership in their governments. I want to see more power in our hands as we engage with the fabric of our world….

Reciprocity Services: A Better Online Tipping Model

If Creators could earn more money for what they give to the rest of us- their imagery, research, ideas, perspectives, and stories- I believe the quality of their creations would go up, and…


How To Get $3 Trillion in Economic Stimulus and $1Trillion in Deficit Reduction

I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about possible methods to better stimulate the economy. The old solutions, like expanding the money supply; lowering interest rates; government debt; consumer debt – all of…


Language Mixing – An Easier Way to Learn Foreign Languages

[I had this idea about 10 years ago, and didn’t publish it till now. Looks like it’s already being done! Check out Language Immersion for Chrome. Let this be a lesson to move…

Engagement Publishing

Engagement Publishing

“Engagement Publishing” in its basic form is an extremely simple idea. In fact, it’s just a feedback loop- it’s the idea that a blogger should seek feedback as quickly as possible, and use…

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