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“Outcreation” is a concept rooted in my particular view of the world.

From where I’m sitting, it seems to me that the most important force in today’s world is creativity. The path towards every heaven- every plausible utopia- is paved with creativity.

Got a problem? Don’t “fight it”, throwing good energy after bad. Prefer to “outcreate” the roots of the problem and find a win/win solution.
Got an opportunity? If you don’t already know how to claim it, you’re going to need creativity to make the best of the opportunity.
Want a purpose in life? You’re going to have to create one for yourself, if you really want it to fit your spirit. And then outcreate that purpose as soon as it’s been fulfilled.
Want to have fun? Well, I never saw any kind of great fun which didn’t involve some unleashed creativity. This has always been part of the appeal of alcohol, drugs, and other altered states. Being good automatically tends to make us more creative.

The fact is, I think creativity never ends. I don’t believe there is any final destination in life, and then we should stop outcreating what we’ve created before.

Even when we’re dead, what was most fully alive in us- that which had the most powerful creative force- will live on forever, in ripples throughout the universe. The most creative people of years past are the ones still living on inside of us today, in our ideas, art, politics, and very DNA.

Engagement Publishing:

The idea of constant outcreation is built into the very fabric of how this website functions.

Every single item posted on here is open for evolution. Your feedback and suggestions, my future ideas for improvements, and simple observation of how each idea plays out in the world, will all catalyze improved republishings of each post, and often spark entirely new posts.

Nothing is sacred, because everything must become more sacred. I don’t believe we will ever be able to surpass the discipline our foremothers and forefathers achieved; we can only surpass them by embodying creativity and elemental roots, which include knowledge, empathy, and imagination.

In the near future, I will be publishing starter ideas on some ambitious topics (although sometimes the most powerful ideas arise from the smallest seeds, so there will be ample opportunity for small seeds, too).

Ideas about how to…

…get $3 trillion in economic stimulus, and $1 trillion in deficit reduction (find that here- )
…the perfect education reform
…create a church which anyone would want to attend
…turn anything into a useful and popular game
…learn foreign languages much more easily (find that here- )
…have happy, genius children
…better understand and sympathize with men and women
…better understand and sympathize with conservatives and with liberals
…eliminate most of the waste in the economy
…several ways for creative people to gain better compensation for their contributions to society

We shall see which of these ideas will bear fruit directly, and which bear fruit indirectly- I’m a big believer that bad ideas often provide the seed DNA for the good ideas.

And, most fundamentally, this website is going to evolve. It could become anything, right? Hopefully it will get better and better. I presume it will look radically different in a year’s time, than it does now.

I wish you all the best, and I look forward to hearing from you :).

Feel free to contact me at any time, about anything and everything. You may have all the discretion you desire. We must be on each others’ side, or perish alone (well, I think it usually works better that way, and it’s more fun, too :).

You can reach me here:
outcreation at gmail dot com

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